Best options for eye protection?


I was wondering what people are using for eye protection.
I’ve got the enclosure and of course the green glasses that came with the Snapmaker, but the beam even when at just 0.5% for positioning and focusing still seems super bright and I’m not convinced the included glasses are up to scratch.

Has anyone come across a decent pair of glasses suitable for the snapmaker laser (preferably available in the UK, but USA online is also fine)


Hey, you have to search for “safety laser goggles 445nm”.
Be shure you have the right wave lenght!- not 440 or 450, you need 445nm.
also be shure it is a laser, safety goggles are not to look direct into the laser beam, just to protect you against scattered radiation. This is essential!

see this video about protection glasses, you might right with your feel

Greets Chris

EDIT: 1,6W Laser wave lenght 445nm
200mW Laser 405nm


Thanks for the reply.
Just to check, you say they aren’t for looking directly at the laser beam, but I need to be able to look at the laser (when at 0.4% power) to position and focus. Would these be good enough for that?
Thanks again


On the 1.6W beam, 0.5% is only 8mW. According to and that’s fine as long as you’re not pointing the laser at your eye.

As xchrisd’s link to DiodeGoneWild’s video shows, safety glasses will cut the brightness of the laser. If you put the glasses on and don’t see a large reduction in the brightness, then the glasses aren’t working.

I’m not going to say what’s safe and what isn’t, I’ll just say what I’m personally comfortable with. I grew up around welders, so I have an aversion to staring at bright lights. If you think it’s too bright, then it’s too bright.

Personally, I’m comfortable doing a quick focus of the 1.6W laser at 0.5% power. Well, after I double and triple check that the power settings are set correctly. 0.5% looks a lot like 5% when you’re not paying close attention, and it’s the difference between 8mw and 80mw. I wouldn’t spend a lot of time trying to dial it in perfectly. Go through the focal point, then go back to what you think is right, and call it good. I’m more comfortable spending some time to get the 200mW laser at 1% dialed in nicely.

But you know what they say:


don´t look direct in the laser-beam like “scanning your eye”! no laser goggles would protect you from that.