Quality improvement by Laser and Camera Monitoring Tool

As we all know, the Snapmaker is doing it’s job very accurate, but sometimes it would be helpful to control some processes.

Would it be possible to create a new tool, which is like a normal Tool, like the printing tool, but has a laser and camera included for quality monitoring ?

So the manufacturing Step could be for example, do something on a template, but also control by permanent monitoring, if something happened what could be controlled live.

For Example your manufacturing peace is s little bit moved from your template and you want to control the tool.

If we had a matrix on the sample generated with laser path - the camera could control, if the working tool is in the matrix or if it has to do some little corrections to play on the path in live.

What about this Idea ? Of course a lot of work to design additional Tools. But this tool could also to be used as combined laser and camera scanning tool to replicate maybe some broken part.

So the first step would be, scanning with camera and laser from the broken part. Do some repairs on the Computer and after this, replicate the repaired part.

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