PrusaSlicer profiles for SM1

Hello everyone,

I cannot find any profile on the forum for Snapmaker Original. Could you please help me to set up?


I don’t recall seeing anybody post PrusaSlicer profiles for the v1.

There used to be some info on making profiles for other software, but Snapmaker has slowly removed it as the 2.0 got official Cura profiles. :frowning: I’ve posted the Cura profiles I’m using here. If you’re experienced and know how to read GCode, you ought to be able to patch together a profile from that info.

[Edit to add] nivekmai posted about setting up an Original with Octoprint. That has a lot of the same info, and might help you.

I plan to eventually update the prusa slicer profile repo when I’ve got some good calibration results.

Hopefully, it’s just a matter of setting up the machine config (which I’ve already done), and doesn’t require any special filament tweaks.

I am also interested in this. I might try playing with the settings myself. Does anyone know what type of firmware the SM Original and SM2 use? Of course, nivekmai, if you get this done soon, I’ll probably just be lazy and borrow yours :slight_smile:


Both Snapmaker controllers are forks of Marlin. I haven’t dug through the git history, but I’m assuming that v2’s firmware is an evolution of v1’s firmware. From what I can tell, both have the same Cura profile and GCode support. The only difference (for printing) is the build volume.