Prusa Slicer - Prints at Wrong Temperature


I am using the Prusa slicer for a project since I need to have different infill densities at different locations.
When I load the G-code from the Prusa slicer into the luban work area the model preview looks great, but the code on the left takes the temperature down to 160 C no matter what it is set at in the Prusa slicer.
This shows the Prusa slicer set at 245 C:

When I open the G-code in notepad I can see that the temperatures are set as per the Prusa slicer:

But then Luban only heats the hotend up to 160 C. Note that the heated bed is going to the correct temperature.

The question is either, why does luban only want to go to 160 C when the G-code says 245 C, or how do I force Luban to go to a higher temperature?

Thank you in advance!!

It’s doing exactly what is in the G-code. Look further up at the M104 S160.

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You are correct.
I was able to change the code to get the correct temperature.
I wonder why the Prusa slicer creates Gcode that doesnt match the inputs.


It makes sense to have two separate hot end temperature settings.
When the temperature of the hot end is raised to the melting point of the filament, the filament melts and emerges from the tip of the nozzle due to thermal expansion.
Compared to the hot end, the temperature rise in the heat bed takes much longer, during which time the filament continues to leak. Molten filament will also accumulate inside the hot end. This is meant to be prevented.

That is why GCODE takes the following steps.

  1. set target temperatures for the hot end and heat bed.
    Set the target temperature for the heat bed (80°C).
    M140 S80
    For the hot end, set the temperature just before the melting point of the filament (160°C).
    M104 S160

  2. wait for the heat bed to reach the target temperature (80°C).
    M190 S80

3.Once the heat bed reaches the target temperature, wait for the hot end to reach the target temperature.
M109 S245


Thats a really good point!
Next time I will let it run as is, and I am sure you’re right and Prusa was just a step ahead of me.

Thanks for the reply!