Luban Bug? Erroneous temperatures dispersed throughout G Code

This is driving me nuts, large many-hour prints fail and nozzles clog or jam, for no apparent reason. I’ve probably thrown away 500g of PETG in the last day as well as 4 meters of capricorn PTFE tubing because of this: the slicer will occasionally, randomly, stick 205 degrees into G Code irrespective of what the print temperature is.

I have also noticed that it will set the bed temperature to the default nozzle temp of 200C after clearing one of these jams, and I had it set the bed temp to 65 C after some other interruption.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

SnapPlug_1682908350003.gcode (373.4 KB)

I tried uploading the .snap3dp file as well but those are not allowed here for some reason.