Problems with the Lasermodule after Firmewareupdate

Hello community,

my Artisan has achieved very good laser results right from the start. After the firmware update to version 2.0.16, the laser no longer finds its focus. The laser head just stays too high and starts lasering.

I reset everything and reconnected. Reinstalled Luban and updated. Nothing helps.

If I transfer the job to the device itself and start it from there, the focus is determined correctly, but the laser works in an undetermined xy position.

Does anyone have a solution.

Rolling back the firmware works on older machines, give it a try, hope you find a older version.

Hey xchrisd,

thank you for the response.

I have rollback to V2.0.11 from the Snapmaker Supportdownload and rollback to Luban 4.6.1.

It works fine. now Iam happy.

I got the following answer from the support:

The inaccurate laser ranging distance in the new firmware version is a known firmware bug. We will fix it as soon as possible.