Problem solved plugin?

I’ve notice in the OctoPrint forum they have a feature enabled (plug-in?) where a post can be marked (a checkmark) as the solution to the problem. This would be useful here in the SnapMaker forum.

Here’s an example in the OctoPrint forum:


Yes. I follow this link and add this plugin into our forum. Have fun~.


I wonder if it only works for topics created after the plun-in is installed.
I don’t see it on topics I’ve previously created.
Maybe that has to be set in the preferences as noted in the link above?
I think as an admin you can check the box for topics you didn’t create.

@Tone, that’s a useful plugin. I think this forum will benefit from it.

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Some settings of Category need to be set. @Rainie will change the setting soon.

Hi @whimsycwd @Tone,

I have set in the preferences for all the topics except the Official News, New Products and Cool Events topics.

You should be able to use this useful plugin now.

Keep having fun!

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