Migrating to Dicourse

Migrating to Discourse (effective 2/18/20)*

Hi users, this is a notice that serves to inform you about the upcoming changes to our forum. We are officially migrating our self-install forum to a cloud-based version hosted by discourse!

This guarantees the following improvements:

  1. The forum software will be updated regularly by Discourse, there will be new features and improvements coming with new updates.

  2. The forum will be more stable, as it is now run by discourse. This ensures a better user experience for our users.

  3. Any bugs or issues with the forum will be resolved in a much quicker manner by Discourse.

One thing to note as our users:

First and foremost: you won’t lose anything; everything will carry over to the new platform as it should. However, by migrating to the new platform your password will be reset and you won’t be able to log onto your account with your old password. You will have to retrieve and reset your password. This applies to all existing accounts.

How to reset your password:

There are two ways to regain access to your account. The safest way is to reset your password by clicking the “I forgot my password” button on the sign-in screen. It will then ask for your username or email address. Enter either one of them and an email would be sent to your email address. Please follow the instructions in the email to reset your password. You can reuse your old password if you want.

The other way to regain access is to click the “with email” button on the sign-in screen. The system will send you an email with a link to your account. This whole process skips the step of resetting your password. Even though you would have access to your account right away, you wouldn’t be able to log in next time without a new password. Therefore we do not recommend this method.

Please help us by reporting any bugs or issues that you run into by contacting support@snapmaker.com, or send PMs to our moderators. They will help you resolve your issues shortly. Happy building!

Best Regards,
Team Snapmaker