Prints are hard to remove from the bed

I find that my prints are stuck to the bed and not easily removable. Has anyone created or come up with ways to remove the prints with ease?
Is there such a thing as a magnetic or flexible print bed for the Snapmaker Original?

Unfortunately you need to build your own magnetic bed.- I did this long time ago but it was not that good like the original sticker.

You need to extend the offset of your calibration.- Calibrate less tight. :wink:

Alright, I will try and see if I can “re-calibrate” and be a bit more gentle. :slight_smile:

Less z is generally the solution.
Glue stick, blue tape.
Lots of discussion on this if you search.

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A better palette knife may help you a lot.

For small to medium parts, I use a pipe wrench with flat jaws. :wink:

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