Printing with 1.2mm nozzle

Playing around trying to print with a 1.2mm nozzle and I keep getting this problem on the first layer. (with both petg and pla)
At the start of a line/wall when it starts to extrude I get this little ‘peak’ (like a little piece of meringue or whipped cream (I should’ve taken a picture) Looks like what you’d expect at the end of an extrusion as it was lifting up and not stopping extruding early enough) When the nozzle comes back around for another pass it ends up hitting it and knocking the layer off. It’s like it’s extruding too early.
I am printing 10º hotter than I normally would for this filament both because of the larger size and it’s a steel nozzle.
I probably need to do a temp tower, but haven’t wanted to take the time.
When the layers go down they look really good and I’m encouraged about being able to print with the larger nozzle, but just can’t seem to get past this issue.
Is this a retraction issue? Tried printing with z-hop off and on - no difference.
Using cura, btw.


I wonder if it’s linear advance that’s tuned for a .4 mm nozzle perhaps? Maybe try running through that calibration.