Printing over small gabs problem (photos)

I’m pretty new to 3D printing and the Snapmaker is my first 3D Printer. I already printed a lot of models with most of the time, very good results.
I’m using Simplify3D.
I have problems with printing in the “air” or over gabs. Show not sure how this called. Anyway.
This are areas the slicer did not generate support for any reasons. The layers are hanging down.
I made a few pictures. I have the same problem on and simplify3d.

What I’ve already down:

  • I tried to change a few settings like Exturder Multiplier, speed and temps.

  • I added an external FAN to cool down the Filament

I’m not sure if this problem can be fixed by settings.

Please help

[Frozen Anna]

Unifi Injector holder

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Did you try adding supports manually?


You should try to print with support material on the “everywhere” setting. In Cura you can specify an overhang angle which is about 50 degrees (I believe) for the Snapmaker. Any angle over 50 degrees will then have supports.

You can also bump up the support distance to about 0.2 (which works with a 0.3mm layer height), but you may want to try a lower value for a finer layer height such as the Anna torso.

Also depending on the material, lower temperatures usually help. The additional cooling fans should also help :slight_smile:

Hope those are new ideas :3


Thanks for the replies. I will try to add support manually.

The angle for support is set to 45 degrees on Simplify3D maybe I can optimize this a little bit.

Thanks for the help. I will do my best :smiley: