3D print supports getting in the way

Looking for some advice. When I try to do a print that requires supports, about 2 or so inches up the nozzle head seems to grab the support material and rips the item off the bed. I am using PLA at the Fine setting. I was wondering if ABS would work better or maybe not use the Fine setting and get a slightly less good print.(not ideal) I was looking at the PETG filament but it does say that it may not be great for supports either. If I don’t need supports the print usually works fine.

Looking forward to your ideas.

There are a couple of options. Enabling a raft or brim is probably the easiest, but if the problem persists you might need to enable retraction and Z Hops.

It could also be a calibration issue. I don’t usually start having problems until the print is closer to 3" / 7.5cm tall, and that’s more because the tall narrow bits start swaying with the bed movement.

I don’t think changing the material would help much, since it’s a problem with physical contact.