Printing big items

Hi everyone,

I’ve been an happy user of the Snapmaker for a couple weeks now but as I’m a total noob in 3D printing I’m getting some bumps on the road. The Snapmaker3D software is quite easy to use and user friendly but I found some templates online that look good and sometimes they contain some parts that are too big for the Snapmaker to process (for example the motor wireway of that template:èle-3d/outil/ciclop-3d-scanner - it’s a tube but almost twice as long as the max Snapmaker’s height).

I was wondering if there is a way around that like splitting the item in two or printing the template in 2 tiers? Sorry if I’m asking a nooby question but I’m really impressed by how friendly the community is here so I’m pushing my luck :wink:


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Try MeshMixer and the Cut Plane option.

Hi @Waldo thanks for the tips but just to make I’m understanding your answer properly the Cut Plane option is an option in the MeshMixer is that right?

I’ll have a look anyway thanks again for the tip :wink:

If you want to print as big as the original model, you need to divide the model into small pieces, and assemble them or glue them together after you print the small pieces separately. It is necessary to have some 3D model design experience and some 3D modeling software skill if you want to do this. You could also use the “Scale” function in Snapmaker3D to magnify or minify the model in equal proportion according to the needs and print a smaller one…:)Have fun here!!

I would love to see a tool that would automatically generate dovetail joints when using a cut plane. I’ve experimented in Fusion 360 using an extruded line as a cutting tool, but the one object I’ve tried it on is a mess as far as non-manifold errors are concerned.