Printer Self Destructed

After finally getting my A350 12 months after order I couldn’t contain my excitement. Imagine my dissapointment then when after 1 successful print of pretty good results the second print caused my machine to self destruct!!

Seems what happened is the print came loose from the bed and stuck to the print nozzel. Nozzel Continued dispensing filament and the result was melted filament pushing deep into and around the entire hotend. What a mess!! Tired cleaning it but the melted filament had melted all the cables to the hotend together and I couldmt free them for love or money. Tried to get it started again but seems soemthing (perhaps one of the wires) is damaged and the hotend won’t beat up now.

Where to from here? Where can I find a replacement hotend and a video of how to go about replacing it??

Here is a photo of the mess…

It looks pretty bad, but I don’t think it’s so bad.

Open the filament door, locate the small black grub screw near the bottom, loosen, drop the hot end out the bottom. Disconnect connector.

Installation is reverse, but keep an eye on the 4 pins in the toolhead side of the connector, they have a tendency to pop out of the connector housing when inserting the new hot end connector.

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Thanks Brent. I think I may have damaged the hotend and hotend wires while trying to clean it out and free the wires. Any idea where I can get a replacement one? There seem to have been like a white silicone cover around it which I also damaged.

Oh you had a meltdown

yeah… i had that happen a couple times too… it seems that the steel rod on the top of the hotend assembly (heat break) is not threaded in enough for the nozzle to be able to bottom out on it instead of the aluminum block and it can cause leaks

i had not have it happen for a long time then as soon as someone mentioned it was a thing sure enough… alot of that will pop right off of it once you have it out of the 3dp module.

make sure you re-calibrate after doing because the nozzle tip might change elevation a bit by the time you have it all assembled again.

your machine should have come with a spare hotend assembly, check in the toolbox

if not you can order it from snapmaker’s store too… i orderd 4 spares, but also intend to change the nozzles out i nstead of always replacing the hotend.

Wish I had properly read and researched the hotend replacement before trying to clean it myself. I didn’t realise the hotend can pop out so easily. Really struggled trying to clean all the melted filament without removing the hotend and caused a lot of damage! :roll_eyes:

Well let’s hope when I go into the office tomorrow that

  1. I can get the hotend out and 2. That I can find the replacement hotend? Which box was it supposed to be packaged in?

pretty sure its in the plastic tool box that the screws and screwdriver etc were in,

dont judge my pizza pants.

edit: i dont think you’ll have issues getting it back together, but if for some reason the 3dp module got damaged i would definitely email to explain including the photos…

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