Print Temperature won't go higher than 215°C

I’ve just changed filament to a low carbon PLA and set up the material as recommended in Luban at 230°C and exported to the USB dongle
Despite a supposed print temperature of up to 250°C the print head refuses to get hotter than 215°C.
It’s seriously effecting adhesion and making printing with this material impossible.
Anyone know of a fix?

Can you upload the GCode so we can double check that it’s generating the temperature correctly? It’s not supposed to start printing until it hits the target temp for the initial layer.

steamcontrollerleftbumpermechanism_slow.rar (2.6 MB)
Here’s a RAR of the GCode. Not sure what I could have done differently, though I’m still a little new to 3D printing.

I’m unable to decompress that rar file. I’ve tried on a Mac, Linux, and Windows 10 machine. They all say it’s an unrecognized format.

I’m mostly interested in the temperate set commands. ie, the output of egrep '^(M104|M109|M140|M190)' steamcontrollerleftbumpermechanism_slow.gcode

If you’re on Windows, the first ~100 lines of the gcode would work as well.

M82 ;absolute extrusion mode
;Start GCode begin
M104 S215
M140 S80
G28 ;home
G90 ;absolute positioning
G1 X-10 Y-10 F3000
G1 Z0 F1800
M109 S215;Wait for Hotend Temperature
M190 S80;Wait for Bed Temperature
G92 E0
G1 E20 F200
G92 E0
;Start GCode end

seems to open fine in 7zip

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Ah, at least I know where to look now.
Wasn’t sure I could even manually edit gcode, but it apparently opens in notepad.
Made the edit and it seems to be printing fine now.
Not sure why it capped me at 215⁰c in spite of material settings though.