Print sticking to the base plate

Hi. I have a 250. I have now made about 20 prints using the supplied black 1.75 pla material.
My first issue was that they were not sticking.
I upped the heated bed temp to 90 and they stuck ok.

Now my problem is that they are sticking too much.
I can not remove them even with the pallet knife…

Is there something I need to adjust so they do not stick “as good”

And 2nd question.
I am using the settings from luban high quality.
But I can still see all the layer lines.
What setting do I have to alter to smooth out the print?

Thanks in advance.


The height of the nozzle above the build plate has a big effect on how the print sticks to the bed, there are numerous threads on this topic describing how to adjust the Z-offset to get the right amount of ‘squish’ for you first layer. I’d drop the bed temp back down and try adjusting the Z offset while the first layer is being printed,you will get a feel for when its just right.

Unfortunately you cannot print without layer lines, even on fine they will be visible. Depending on the type of material you use, there are a few methods of post processing to reduce the effect. Painting, filing etc. Have a look on Youtube for that kind of thing.

Thanks for the info. . Will try to reduce the bed temp then the z offset… any idea of a good starting point ?

Its hard to say as it depends on how you have set the final point during calibration. I use a sheet of normal copier paper and set the nozzle so there is just the slightest resistance felt. Obviously the Z offset is zero at that time :slight_smile: Print a few lines of skirt and watch as they are printed, the individual lines should just start to blend, nozzle too low and the skirt will be flattened and even gouged by the nozzle, even lower and nothing is extruded. Nozzle too high and the lines are laid down with no overlap.

  1. higher your z-offset if it sticks too well
  2. show a picture about.- unfortunately you will see the layer lines from material to material different but they are always there.

Have you calibrated your flow, to be not underextruded?- search in the forum or www about.

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XCHRISD. THANKS for the assistance. :+1::+1::+1: