Print speed mismatch / change

I have generated the G code with Luban putting all the parameters related to speed with the same value. First test 20 mm/s and then 15 mm/s ( picture below ) .


Then after few first layers the machine is changing the speed. Once going 15 mm/s, then 20 mm/s and sometimes even 40mm/s, Is there any explanation for that ??

Maybe it’s the infill-speed.- Please update to the latest luban to see it.

Why do you print so slow?

that was it. I have updated the Luban and now I can see the values. Thank you

i have the same problem, everything set to 18mm/s (TPU)
generated the nc-code and i see F1080 (=> 18*60) and also F3600.

for my TPU prints it´s a problem, until snapmaker prints with 18mm/s everything is fine, but for infill he doesn´t use the settings from speed table and prints to fast.

G1 X154.86 Y215.403 E226.65103
G1 X154.686 Y215.44 E226.65813
G0 F1080 X165.354 Y180.601
G1 F3600 X165.263 Y180.955 E226.67271
G1 X165.255 Y180.984 E226.67391
G1 X165.252 Y180.997 E226.67445
G1 X165.235 Y181.014 E226.67541
G1 X165.018 Y181.326 E226.69057

Which version of Snapmaker Luban you are using?

Could you please PM the G-code file to me?

Looking forward to your reply.

Any one have idea how to also change the speed in Luban for the supports layer. I am also trying to print TPU too but having problem getting the supports printed as the speed is too fast.