Print Platform not level!

I have had the 250 for about 4 weeks. Just started to print some projects and discovered that the Print Platform is not level. The back of the platform is down 3-4 mm compared to the front.

This makes auto leveling very difficult. I have turned Auto Leveling off and I am manually leveling the platform.

Today I have shimmed the platform in the back by 3 mm and the back/middle set of screw by 1 mm. The only place that is good to print is the front of the platform.

This is poor quality control.

When I first assembled I had some leveling problems and got instruction to type M500, M502 and G28. This helped but it did not solve the total problem.

Also… I paid for auto leveling and now I feel that it was a waste of money. The prints are so-so.

That’s a very significant difference, you have some pictures? I would imagine you could ask for a replacement if the platform is that badly warped.

Maybe your bed is upside down? Upload some photos, to see if it is right assembled.

Normally we, the crowd, has about 0.6mm movement/offset of the bed, this is not good but you can print with 5x5 calibration grid.