Preview not generated for some models

When using Cura to slice models, the preview is not generated when I load the model in the printer. Is there a setting I am not hitting to generate the preview?

The model prints just fine, just no preview.

I’ve noticed the same thing when copying the files to the printer via USB; however, if I push the gcode over to the J1 via Wifi (the Cura ‘save to printer at A.B.C.D…’) the preview is set up. You might need the latest version (0.3.0) of the SnapmakerJ1 plugin for Cura, found on their github page.

Interesting. I’ve downloaded and installed the latest plugin from Github (0.3.0) but it looks the same as the previous version. Also, where are you entering in the printer address?

It’ll autodetect if the printer and computer are on the same network. 0.3.0 specifically fixed issues with network discovery and network error handling, btw - otherwise, it seems more or less identical to 0.2.1.

I’ve updated to the latest firmware in the printer, and have downloaded a clean version of the latest Cura, and installed the latest (0.3.0) J1 plugin, but whatever I do, the printer isn’t discoverable, and I can’t connect by entering the IP directly.

Both all of my machines are on the same local network, the Snapmaker is WiFi, everything else is wired.

I can ping the printer no problemo from everywhere. Is there a local port that should return a web page or something else I can use to troubleshoot connectivity?

You can’t exactly “connect” to the printer (as in, it’s not a “real” network printer in Cura). But you can send off the model to be printed via WiFi, and then manually start the process from the touchscreen. I do see occasional discovery issues still; seems like turning the printer off and on, then restarting Cura solves this.

Are you setting it up as a networked printer? Or standalone, and then exporting the model to the printer?

Standalone. And then just exporting via the network.

As was otherwise noted here, you can’t connect to the printer directly / add printer by IP address. However, if you manually add the Snapmaker J1 printer from the list, and if you are within the same network segment (same underlying subnet basically) Cura will “discover” the printer and give you a “Send to ” option.

Discovery seems to not be mDNS/bonjour based, surprisingly enough, and I haven’t gotten it to work across network segments yet (different subnets), but within the same subnet seems to work just fine.

Okay, that makes me feel a lot better. I was having a hell of a time trying to get it to connect as a network printer.

Yup, it picked it up after I restarted both the machine and Cura using the 0.3.0 plugin. All is right in the world now. I’m printing the top cover standoffs now, and sent the print over wifi. Glorious.

Thanks for all your help with this fellas. Maybe we should make a FAQ or a pinned topic with all these questions, I’m sure they’ll get asked repeatedly as more folks get their printers online.