Snapmaker J1 now available in Orca Slicer

Big news

Snapmaker J1 now available in Orca Slicer version 1.6.2-beta
Download here: Release OrcaSlicer V1.6.2 · SoftFever/OrcaSlicer · GitHub

please add someone a ‘tutorial’ how to make it work. thank you

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I just started my first print sliced with orca. The slicer seems very nice and has some functionality that Cura is missing. I especially like the seam painting and dynamic cooling functionality. Hopefully, I can get some good results too. If so, I will probably switch to this one as my main slicer =)

Also, a bonus for the improved starting gcode compared to the one in Cura.

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how do i get my printer connected to orcaslicer so i can print directly from there? i tried and it kept saying it wont connect cause the machine is refusing it

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I don’t think it’s possible at the moment? If you want to avoid usbdrive, I suppose you could open the gcode file with cura and then send it to the printer.
I think it’s dissapointing how Snapmaker is unable to provide a good way of slicing and sending the gcode files to the printer…

orcaslicer doesnt print through USB does it? for some reason USB printing through Pronterface has issues with tool changes EXCEPT when its from orcaslicer.

I only use cura to send gcode through wifi to my printer. I just wish the thumbnail images would work with other slicers.

Does Orca supports post processing? I can’t use orca yet because they haven’t a 0,8 nozzle for the J1

If they support it you can use the sm2uploader and the other tool for generating the thumbnail. I’ll post later wich one I mean and how to to that. I used it within prusa slicer without USB and it worked very well.

it supports post processing, i just cant get it to work. I’m sure im doing something wrong
. if youd like i can make a 0,8 profile for you.

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You mean in the official release like requested here: Add Snapmaker J1 by hliebscher · Pull Request #663 · SoftFever/OrcaSlicer · GitHub
you’re welcome

Does it support copy, mirror or dual extruder modes (extruder 1 = main matrial, extruder 2 support)?

Yes it does, but I have not tried it on the J1 so I can’t confirm that it works.

I think this slicer has a good user interface and great potential, but there are a couple of dealbreakers with its support functionality. Prusaslicer is currently a better slicer imo…