Presets sharing


I was wondering how I could seamlessly share my custom or modified presets from/to any computer I uses (one cheap linux laptop from the garage for laser/3d works, a family’ macbook air and my profesional macbook pro).
The main Luban I use is the linux one, but it’s often busy (and in the garage), so I fallback on another Luban in order to prepare a new project or test rendering, etc… I end with some presets exisiting on some computer but the others.
I know I could export settings and import it back elsewhere, but I have to export one setting at a time, and I have to create the corresponding job in order to access the corresponding tool presets and then import the correct settings.
If the preset already exists, I’m not sure which one I should keep, which one is the latest.

So I started dreaming about a cloud sync for my luban presets. I was considering writing a github issue on the luban repository but here what I did instead.

I did move the whole Luban config folder (located at ~/Library/Application Support/snapmaker-luban/Config under macOS, and ~/.config/snapmaker-luban/Config under Ubuntu) to my cloud service (I use Nextcloud, but this should works with any cloud provider such as Dropbox, Seafile, Google Drive, and so on)

Then I created a symbolic link from this synced folder to the original config folder:

 ln -s ~/Nextcloud/SnapMaker/Config ~/Library/Application\ Support/snapmaker-luban/

On the other computers, I did backup the config folder and then created the same symbolic link or adapted with the correct destination folder for linux:

 ln -s ~/Nextcloud/SnapMaker/Config ~/.config/snapmaker-luban/

Now all my Lubans uses the same updated presets, at least they loads the latest ones at startup.
Maybe this could help anyone dreaming about a preset sync as I dreamed…

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