Snapmaker Luban is Open Source Now on GitHub

Hi all,

Ever since the beginning, we envisioned an ecosystem within Snapmaker where users can just create and make things without hindrance. The Snapmaker3D and the Snapmakerjs were born in 2017 for that purpose and were later merged into one software for more streamlined user experience. Now after 26 iterations, the software is rebranded as the “Snapmaker Luban.”

The new Snapmaker Luban is a free 3D software with multi-language support that any makers can use for creation. Luban is also a powerful 3D software that can process multiple models at once, work with simple SVG files, and do text and greyscale engravings. Having benefited from the open source community, Luban was built under the framework of cncjs and uses CuraEngine as the underlying slicing engine.

To further expand the ability of customization, the Snapmaker Luban is going to be open source now on GitHub. All users are welcome to post any issues and/or bugs found in the software.

You can check out our Snapmaker Luban GitHub Page here.

If you are new to GitHub, please read the “” file before contributing. You can file an issue in “GitHub Issues.” to submit a bug or feature request. Please make sure you have read our guidelines before contributing code. Thank you!


If Snapmaker has some kind of internal bug and/or issue list they should transfer it to the Githut “issue list” so we don’t have to duplicate a whole bunch of things. People should know what is known and planned for fixes and improvements.


I hope Snapmaker don’t get any kind of repercussion from using the name of a software that already exists.

Yes, we are looking into making such a list. It would be out preferably in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the heads up. We were aware of this but the reasoning behind naming our application Luban is listed below.

For one, Luban is actually a public figure of a craftsman from ancient China. Just like the name “Da Vinci” is used in many scenarios and applications. Naming our software Luban is more of a tribute to the public figure.

Secondly, the name Luban is widely used in many applications. There is an Alibaba Luban, and there is the Luban software you mentioned in the post above. The purposes of the software with the name Luban are different.

Thirdly, we named our software Snapmaker Luban, originated from the public figure from ancient China. Moreover, we don’t exclude other software. Our software itself is open source and free of charge. We won’t incur any licensing fees either.

Hope this clears up the confusion.