Download section: Luban and new Fusion configuration for Original?

Hi guys,
I’ve just seen that in the support/download page for the Snapmaker Original now it’s only available the Luban SW. Is Snapmakerjs no more supported or usable for Orignal owners?

Also… a new configuration files for Fusion has been released and available also for the Original. Can you please add some release notes? Should we update our Fusion config files also for Original or this new version is something for the new 2.0 model?

Luban will get all the new features and bug fixes. SnapmakerJS and Snapmaker3D still work, they just won’t get any new features.

I did notice that when I transition from Snapmaker3D to JS, I had some first layer adhesion issues. It was minor, and mostly only affected things that I printed in High Quality or higher resolution. Luban is a lot closer to SnapmakerJS, so hopefully there is less of an issue.

I’ve been using Cura, so I can’t help with your Fusion question. I haven’t made any changes to my Cura profiles since I set it up a year ago.

Thanks Clewis!
I’d just like to understand why it is no more possible to download Snapmakerjs.
If the way forward is Luban, ok I can live with it but hope Snapmaker will continue to support and test also the Original model in Luban.

About Fusion 360… I’ve just seen the files has been updated but no change log has been provided and as I’m SW Engineer, that’s not so good.

Luban does support v1 and v2 hardware. It’s just less work for them to maintain one code base than two. From what I’ve read on the forums, Luban is mostly just a rebranding of SnapmakerJS anyway.

You can still download SnapmakerJS from the forum. At least, I was able to download the latest version. I didn’t try older versions. You can probably find Snapmaker3D in the forums if you really want to.

Great! Thanks for response

The Snapmaker Luban does and will continue working with the Snapmaker Original. No worries there.