Pre-Processing of integrated circuits for decapsulation

Hey everyone,

hope you’re doing well. I purchased the A350T with the 10W laser module back in the days and started trying to pre-process some IC to prepare them for a decapsulation (which is the process of removing the housing of an IC to see the die). The company I’m working for is using a plasma based process but it takes a long time, so I started trying to pre-process some IC with my 10W laser. The results are pretty good but as we’re thinking about purchasing the Ray with the 40W laser, I’m curious about how the 40W laser module can handle my need.

So, basically, what I wanna ask is if there is anyone here in the community having a 40W laser module for the A35oT or J1 or the Ray and is willing to process some IC that I would provide. I’m ready to reward this with some finalized IC after full decap or something else in return. Preferrably, I’m asking for someone within the European Union but outside EU is good as well.

Hopefully someone can help me. If you have any further questions about my request, please let me know :slight_smile:

Best regards,