Pre order 3d printer module

is it possible to pre order just the 3d printer module? mine is broken and I am unable to get suport

Hi - what is the problem? Maybe one of us here can help you as well… community spirit and all that stuff.

I also have this issue. My heater cartridge has ceased to function.

Mine has ceased to work as well. It will not pull or extrude anymore. Cleaned it and replaced the nozzle and still nothing will come out.
If it cannot be sent in to be fixed then I would just like to purchase another module. This so far has been an awesome printer up until now.

Does it still heat up?
If it heats up:

  • is the filament loaded correctly?
  • can you extrude by hand (while pushing the front button)?

Is the temperature sensor ok?
Is the heating tube ok

It heats up fine and will work for the first hour then always fail out with whatever filament I try. The temp shows that it is still working on the monitor and it seems very hot when it stops extruding. This had been a problem now for a while and I have not been able to get anything to print anymore.

My printer module malfunctioned and melted PLA into a solid block around the nozzle and into the module. I’ve removed a little of it, but it’s not coming off without damaging the module. I have all the other modules, I’d just like to have a printer module replacement.

I have the same problem. The stepper motor will retract when moving the head but refuses to feed forward. i have:
Fully disassembled and cleaned the head about 4 times
Updated SMJS
Updated Firmware
Swapped nozzle 3 times
Swapped nozzle block to my spare

Noting i do changes let alone fixes the problem

I’m about to throw it in a $%*& lake and buy a printer that has some kind of after sales support. This is ridiculous. I know 3 people who have NOT bought a snapmaker because i cant get my print head fixed.

Very unsatisfied right now.

Please contact the support team.
They should check with you if the motor is ok without having a filament loaded.