Power supply disable light

I have the SM 2.0 A350 for a while now. It is placed in my bedroom and the light coming from the power supply is just to bright. Is there a way to turn it off ? Found nothing in here for that. Can someone help ?

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Unfortunately, it isn’t really meant to be turned off.

Easiest and least violent way of achieving something like what you want: rotate the power supply so that the front faces the wall, and then invert an oversized cardboard box over it. Prop the side or back of the box on something a centimeter or so high to ensure there’s enough air circulation that the power supply doesn’t overheat. That should deal with a good 80% of the light pollution.

If that’s insufficient, you’re going to have to open up the power supply case (careful! This may void your warranty!). Once inside, see if you can figure out how to replace the frosted light diffuser panel with something opaque. If that doesn’t work, you’re going to have to render the actual LED dysfunctional somehow.

Thanks for the ideas. Opening the enclosure is only after warranty an option for me ^^ So the airflow of the unit is front to back ? I’ve played with the idea to print something like an cover for the front. If this blocks the airway then that is not an Option.

I’d have to check to be sure, but I think the actual airflow is best described as “messy”, with that frosted diffuser panel I mentioned blocking the best airflow path. The idea is to put it under a box big enough that there’s enough allowance for the specific airflow not to matter too much. Turning it to face the wall is more about directing as much as possible of the light away from the center of the room, and therefore away from you.