Power cable ends?

I’m running cable chains on my printer, and need a longer cable for the power cable to the work head. Has anyone gotten the original cable ends from Snapmaker for making up your own cables? Or do you know a supplyer that would have the same configuration ends?


I just got another toolhead cable, and spliced them together.

Purchased cable where? Is it an original cable with the proper ends?

Here’s the link from the SM website. Just cut one end off each, and solder like colors to like.

Thank you. To bad that shipping cost is more than the part.

You could always just cut it in half and splice in your own wires. Just make sure that the wires from both ends match. It wouldn’t look as clean, but it’d work.

Thanks @BluegrassBlaster but I think I may have found a better cleaner way.

Using a splitter and an extra power hear cable looks like a cleaner solution to me.


Where’d you get extras? Did you buy those or are they shipping extras with new units now?

That looks clean, nice.

@brent113 order through support.

That’s very clean. I like it.

Can you please post a photo of how you connected it to/behind the tool head? Been trying to come up with a way to do something like this myself ever since I got the machine, but it never dawned on me to use a cable splitter instead, hehehe.

Also - are you 100% sure that the tool head will never run into that splitter box that is protruding past the end?

I have made some changes to how the X axis chain is running, and followed this configuration. With the exception of the splitter.

Also, the range of the print head on the X axis does not travel anywhere close to the end of the module, so not a concern as to the print head hitting the splitter. I have not tried any of the other power heads, so I can’t speak to that. Printing is my focus.

Do you have the STL files and what chain are you using.
Please show more info and not just pictures.
Am very interested in it.