How long does it take to get a new toolhead cable

Had a disaster in setting up my snapmaker. While I was putting it all together, our dog decided that the toolhead cable was the best chew toy around, and destroyed it, while my back was turned. How long do replacement parts take to come, and yes, I’m aware I’ll have to pay for it.

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For me from China, a few dollars and a boat of about 4 weeks.

They may have a US and Europe distributor now, maybe faster.

Order spares, the shipping costs more than the cables. 2 of every cable type was like $20, plus shipping.

The cable types are: toolhead, enclosure, power supply.

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Contact and you can purchase the cables from us directly.

Cable types:

  • Tool head cable(conversion cable the same)
  • Power cable
  • SMH extension cable

We do have a plan to put the cables on our online store later. Our leader is assessing the demands.


Yeah, actually fired one there before joining the forum and asking, since it said expect 3-5 days to even get a reply back.

Thanks for the advice. If they are that cheap, I might order a double set of all the cables just in case

I am interested in getting the cable from the heated bed with bare ends on the bed side, but i dont think they are gona do that hehe

It’s easy to make one from a double sided cable :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d email them and ask. Worst they’ll say is no.

You can make two that way. :roll_eyes:


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The pinout the same? I figured it was probably different.

The enclosure and heated bed cables are the same.

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Well, that’s good to know, lets me keep the chewed printhead cable for a backup for that…

I think all parts and major subassemblies should be available, if anything breaks or wears out, we need replacements.

It’s starting to happen:


Seems to be available from all their distributors on the site:
just checked a few in Europe and they all list the SM2 & spare parts now as well, also the one I usually order from in the Netherlands.

That’s definitely good news.

Seem to be running into a wall. My paypal account is locked up from disuse, and it’s being stubborn about accepting my ID or other things to unlock it. Is there another way other than paypal to get these cables ordered? Or like a guest checkout that’ll let me do this without needing my account fixed?