Please publish some technical drawings

I would love to make some small accessories like a cork “heat-shield” for the lower side of the heated bed. Getting a drawing of the platform would help a lot.

Additionally – a dimensioned drawing of the CNC carving platform would help us to make our own locally instead of shipping them all over the world.

Thanks for considering


Keep in mind this is a commercial business, the CNC carving platform drawing would deny Snapmaker sales. You can always measure one up yourself and make one.


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Sure, I do understand. But will Snapmaker ever release a set of cork plates to isolate the lower parts of the heating bed? Probably not… Also, if I can measure the dimensions myself why not publish them?

IMHO Snapmaker is an important member of the DIY community and I really hope they also open up their specs like CAN protocol, cable pinout and much more. This will help to grow the ecosystem around Snapmaker.

Who knows… dreaming is still allowed :slight_smile:


That is not a dream. That is actual goal of our team that we are striving to achieve. :slight_smile:

Like you said, we will not only open source the protocol of CAN communication between modules along with the firmware code, but also well-document it.

Snapmaker Luban will be the pioneer project for our team to explore and learn how to manage and develop a healthy open source project. Then firmware and hardware will follow. Let’s see what we can achieve together after we fullfill all our backers first.

But, for now, the highest priority, is to optimize and fix bugs according the feedback of early adopters. Hope you can understand that. You can open a support ticket ask for help, we can handle it case by case for now.


You are doing well. Hope you are coping with the growth pains

YES! I agree with Doug, you ARE doing well. I look forward to the docs.
One question I have is how hard is it to implement features that exist in Cura into Luban?

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