Play in the linear bearing of the left extruder

Hello everyone,

I have a Snapmaker J1 since the end of April.
At the beginning I followed the recommendations of the forum and greased everything sufficiently.

When I replaced the original nozzles with Brozzl nozzles a few days ago, I noticed that the left extruder has a noticeable amount of play.
When I checked the left extruder, it turned out to have about 0.15mm play at the bottom end. See pictures.

This is not the case with the right extruder.

You can feel it on the left side, but not on the right.

Can this be readjusted? Or do I have to replace the left-hand bearing? Or both directly.
Or swap directly for an MGW7 from Dold? MGW7 - breite Ausführung

I would be grateful for any suggestions or ideas.

Kind regards


Even after i got my new x axis i still have some play in it. 0.15mm dosent seem to be much.
Try a resonance test print or a 3d benchy and print it in copy mode. Check if the left print isnt as good as the right print.
For me it was around 0.5mm play before i switched the x axis.

Contact support if you see differences in quality. The support will respond quickly but you have to figure out yourself how to install replacement parts or find a manual here in the forum.