Pla not sticking

Hello! My PLA is not sticking on only one part of the heated bed. I have calibrated and cleaned the surface with alcohol and cloth and have checked electrical connections, all to no avail.

@MapMaryAnne what firmware are you on?

Try cleaning with dish soap and water. While IPA removes most stuff some stuff comes off better with soap. (Personally I mostly use IPA, but occasionally I’ll use soap followed by IPA just to be extra sure and remove any possible soap residue).


Iv’e been using hand sanitizer as I didn’t have any IPA on hand but recently started using window cleaner and it’s better then hand sanitizer lol

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Hello! I am on the latest one, I believe

Thanks very much! I have used some rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. I also didn’t realize that you could customize even more of the print settings in Luban, so I gave that a try and it seemed to have resolved the issue.

Thank you for your help, though!

I’ll have to give that a try! Thanks! :slight_smile: