Packaging Feedback

Heatbed was loose in package. Know issue? Some scuffs on the back of the plate.

Also, could not find micro SD in packaging…lost? not included?

Otherwise, crisp and clean packaging and a joy to assemble.


Mine was the same. I think my heat bed was damaged due to it floating around in there. I’m working with Rainie already to get a replacement and advised them of the floating heat bed.

my microSD was buried underneath the bottom of the packing materials.

My heat bed was bouncing around, but didn’t receive any damage.

The next version of the package has been improved. More compact and less floating around.
@cwdangelo Do you find the SD card?

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I tripple checked the box and packaging…no luck finding the Micro SD. Not a big issue, working well with my PC.

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We didn’t find the SD card and reader anywhere in our package.

@cwdangelo @jdsproz
We had 3 people check everything in the package, so we can be sure the SD card and reader were in the package before the machine was sent. It is very likely that the SD card and reader were lost during customs clearance.
We are willing to solve the problems for you. Here are 2 solutions we can come up with. Please tell me which one is preferable for you.

  1. We will send you @cwdangelo a new SD card and @jdsproz a new SD card and reader. Please PM me your backer number if you choose this solution.
  2. We will refund @cwdangelo $17 for a new SD card and @jdsproz $21 for a new SD card and reader. In this case, you can buy the card and reader yourself and you don’t need to wait for the shipment. Please PM me your PayPal account if you choose this solution.

We want to ensure that you have a good user experience with the Snapmaker. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope this can help you solve the problem.:slightly_smiling_face:

Please apply to my next purchase.:star_struck: The SD card, It’s not something I’ll use. I’m having an amazing experience so far with Snapmaker. A solid, simple machine and I’m seeing some great resolution. Will post pics soon.

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I found my CNC bits loose in the box.

That’s great! Please PM me your backer number. I will mark down your request. Next time you purchase from us, we will deduct $17 for you.
Have a nice weekend!:wink:

We didn’t get enough time to design a package for all the add-ons for the beta machines, so they were put in the box like this. In the next batch, we will put all the add-ons in a specific box. It will be more organized.
Thank you for sharing this with us!
Have a nice weekend!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Perfect! I think it will be well worth the effort.

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