Overall 3D Print Quality

First of all: Snapmaker seems to deliver a very well made product. The assembling feels very good. I got the 350AT model close to Christmas. BUT when it comes to the quality of the prints the picture is changing. This fits not to the price point. Also a missing space for touchscreen in the front door and a power supply with a defect fan is not fitting to the price point - quality control missing. A very good idea is at the end a product with a development still in progress. For such a price point also the details should be perfect. But there are so many details on the second view (closer) shows that the build quality is not as good as expected. In case of 3d output of the printer is terrible. After doing a calibration on Marlin level it is getting better but far away from “good”. It can not be, that the customer has to do a lot of things on firmware level. And it is still not possible to achieve good results. Sorry. I will send it back when I’m not getting a solution for the issues.

How can we help you? Maybe some pictures of your printing problems? The gcode you used and your print settings? Also the filament type/manufacturer and the ambient temperature/humidity?