Out of memory. Failed to load preview

Using Luban 4.4.40. Getting this “Out of memory. failed to load preview.” message after generating G-code. Preview button disappears. Cannot see supports, infill or thickness.

With all files, or with one specific file? Try something small and simple, like a calibration cube, and make sure you don’t have any other memory-hog applications like web browsers running at the same time on that machine. If you can, use a system monitor application (you don’t say what OS you’re using, so I can’t point you at a specific one) to watch what’s happening to your machine’s memory as the gcode is being generated. This should establish when (and if) you’re actually running out of memory.

Thank you for your reply. Very small files work fine. I’ve been printing almost daily for the past 18 months and have never had this problem until 4.4.0. The same files previewed fine prior to updating 4.4.0. Using MacOS 11.6.4

So 4.4.0 may have a memory leak somewhere.

At this point, my advice would be to file a bug at github: Issues · Snapmaker/Luban · GitHub

Tell them what kind of Mac you have and how much memory it has. Tell them that this is a regression—something that used to work, and now doesn’t.

Then downgrade Luban to a version you know works and wait for them to fix it.



I got this problem too, with 4.4.0 on macOS (12.6, for me) and filed an issue before realizing I was not alone.
Do not hesitate to report your experience, @haw , it may help to get the issue resolved sooner.

Whenever the 3D model becomes complex (but not that complex), rendering preview fails

The exact same file on the same computer, few seconds later renders flawlessly using luban 4.3.2

(I also noticed a zombie processes issue with this Luban 4.4.0 version)

Hi, I’ve just updated and also am getting this error on my M1 Max Macbook Pro 32Gb ram, with OSX12.6.
It is a hit and miss. First time on some models it will render, do it again and it fails.
Every model that fails under 4.4.0 works ok under4.3.2.

It will print OK.

yep me too on MacBook Air M1 8Gb - where all models rendered the preview in the previous versions of Luban

I getting the same issues and on top of that no matter what I do I can get a successful print and I follow the support staff and blogs. I have nothing but problem and they won’t return it

Exact same issue for me Mac M1

I am also getting the same issues here, Im using MacBook Air M2 24gb. Might change back too earlier version.