On order . . . now what?

What should I be acquiring & studying in preparation for the arrival of this wonderful machine? I just placed my pre-order for a SM2-A350, what software should I become familiar with while I wait for the September shipping date?
I’ll leave the ideas up to you and try to follow along. Thank you everyone for your support and maybe sometime soon I can make a contribution to this wonderful forum.

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I’m also waiting for September. I started with searching for a CAM System. With this I started to learn fusion-360-for-hobbyists. It has CAD CAM and even the features derived from eagle for creating electric circuits.
For slicing I will probably use cura. Our 3d printer at work also runs with cura.


Thanks for the input. I have seen that a lot of makers are using fusion-360 or tinkercad for modeling, and cura for slicing. I was wondering if these were best for the SM2 or something more system specific.
I have also watched videos of “blender”, any information or thoughts about this?

For me fusion is the better way to go. I like the parametric approach of modeling, because I want to produce parts and gadgets to help me in daily life as well as optimize the process of creating things. I believe blender might be a good choice for creating aesthetic stuff like miniature models of something or different art related models.
One big plus for fusion is in my opinion that it contains the whole work flow for cnc carving. You can create your whole project from the first sketch to the gcode for your cnc module.

welcome @Padre-O

keeping having fun


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I, like you, am waiting for my SM 2.0 A350 to arrive in September, I took the avenue of buying a SM Original learn the operating characteristics of SM products like JS and Luban. I am new to 3D printing but addicted, once i learn more about the basics I will step out and integrate other slicers and Modeling/CAD software like Blender, Fusion ETC … much to learn … hope you enjoy your journey!

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Thank you @bmccall
Is there a download available for “JS” or “Luban” ? I assume these are the supplied software for the SM products.

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Sorry, Haven’t logged in in a little while … I would recommend Luban, downloadable from the Snapmaker website under support. you will get the latest greatest… I have stopped using JS as it seems to be unsupported (older version of Cura, which now looks like it is affiliated with Dremel)