Offset during print


I have many problems with offsets during my prints.
I have restarted printer, j have created several times print file and I calibrate Snapmaker again. But nothing works. It happens with several models. What can I do?
Printer was working fine for a long time before. Then I hat a huge pause and now nothing worked well.

Regards Torben

Which version of the firmware are you using? Do you have an enclosure? I’ve seen one other report of this problem, but I haven’t seen anybody reported the issue solved.

Are you using the default print settings, or customizing them? When my son was designing a model, he wanted to prototype as quickly as possible. He customized the print settings, and raising all the speeds, setting the travel speed to 100 mm/s. While I was watching it was printing, I heard an unusual “click”, and the next layer was off by a few mm. We switched back to the default “Fast Print” settings, and haven’t had the problem since then. We’ve retried with travel speeds of 70 mm/s without a problem, but haven’t gone higher.