Printing problem - Offset?

I am a new Snapmaker owner. In one of my first prints I noticed something about the figures, and I suddenly have an offset in the figure … Photo attached. What could it have there? Anyone have an idea?

Thank you!


That’s a layer shift.There have been many potential reasons reported for this to happen - here a few I’m aware of and waht to do:

  • The print sheet has moved while printing - most likely because the nozzle pushed on the print. Solution: use paper clips to fixate the print sheet, e.g. Heated Bed clips (set of 4) - Buy it now!
  • Errors in GCode/slicing. Solution: Use a different slicer like Cura or PrusaSlicer
  • Overheating of a linear module: The stepper controller chip has a silicon pad attached to it that dissipates the heat from the chip into the surrounding metal structure. There have been reports that in a linear module this pad was missing, causing the chip to overheat and temporarily lose function. This will cause missed steps on the stepper motor. Solution: Contact Snapmaker Support.
  • Going too fast - if you drive the print head at too much speed (too much starts somewhere at 150-200 mm/s or so - different opinions on that however), the stepper motor might miss teps also. Solution: print slower.

There may be more things - anyone with more suggestions?

And always a good source for information is here: Layer Shifting


Thank you for your detailed help, I will try it out and report on success or failure, thank you !!

Bed clips and newest maschine update - problem solved - Thanks for help!


Short and snappy to the point.

@Hauke Very helpful approaches. @Robsen Quick and short solution report.

Many thanks to both of you

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my Snapmaker recently suggested an update that i also carried out.
Version V1.13.2

With this version my print looks:

after this i manueally updatet to V1.14.0
Print looks:

So to my topic the error was the version.
Maybe i can help other with this post.

Best regards