Nylon printing issues

This might not be the right forum, but I couldn’t find an appropriate one.

I bought some nylon, and tried over and over again.
According to the specifications the Nylon should print at 230-245 and heated bed not necessary but recommended.

All I get is the nylon curls up on the nozzle, not sticking to the bed.
I tried varying the temp, 245 is better than 230.
The bed I’ve tried 30-50-90 degrees, all same result. Also I find that the temp of the heated bed is low, like touchable even at 90.
I know that nylon should be hard, but this is kind of silly, any one got any pointers to me ?

I moved your query here as it is the appropriate place.

You might check:

Is your filament dry? Do you live in a humid climate?
I think the bed can only go to 80 degrees C.

I found my nozzles had clogged up, until now I’ve found that the temps needs to be about 10 degrees higher than recommended on the package to work well here.


Ok a little update. It finally worked.
Print temp: 250
Heated bed: 85

And I sprayed a bit of glue on the heated bed. Now printing my third item. The glue seems to have helped keeping the print on the board and the results are rather good.

Hi Dan,

Could I ask what filament did you use? I have a roll of http://taulman3d.com/bridge-nylon.html that I will hopefully be trying tomorrow to make one of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1536967

Also I’m assuming you duplicated one of the print quality settings and changed the temps in the snapmaker 3D software? Or did you use alternative software?


This one http://3deksperten.dk/3de-black-nylon-1-75mm.html

I used the snap maker software, also changed the resolution to specs of the the website posted above, but I don’t think it was necessary. The glue was the important part, I could print 4 times before the glue effect was gone and had to re-apply.

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I just completed a nylon print successfully at 250c, 65 bed temp (using glue stick). It looked perfect until I removed it from the bed. It was brittle as sugar. I could easily break it in either direction. There was no layer adhesion or flexibilty. It was weaker than PLA. What could have gone wrong? (it was brand new out of the box, so I know it wasnt water logged.

You might find out it absorbed moisture while in the box. Was the print bubbly?