Nozzle thermistor release screw not fitting

I am attempting to replace my nozzle, and have been following the instructions on how to accomplish this. However, I am unable to get the screw loosened that holds the thermistor inside the hot end nozzle. I have tried both tools that came with the printer, and they are both too big to fit inside the hole for the screw. I have used my own allenwrench sets to no avail, and even went out and bought a metric wrench set thinking that might make a difference. It hasn’t.

Right now my printer head is useless, since I can’t get my filament through, but now I’m unable to get the thermistor out of the nozzle to replace it. My printer is dead in the water.

I do not see any options in the store to purchase just the 3d printer head, which I found extremely odd. Has anyone else had problems getting the nozzle loosened? I had no problem loosening the nozzle from the printer head itself, but the way the thermistor code is positioned, it is making it unable for me to pull the nozzle free at all. It’s completely stuck, and with no way to loosen the screw holding the thermistor inside the nozzle, I am stuck.

Any ideas on how I can get my nozzle replaced? Or even get a replacement 3d printer head?

I’ve had a few nasty filament jams from trying to feed a new spool when it’s still running. I ran into the same issue, but found I could carefully snake the thermistor down and pop out the nozzle to cut away the bent filament.

I am of the opinion that someone stripped out a metric allen in there, but I could be wrong. I’m not looking forward to the day I have to actually replace the nozzle itself. going to be serious surgery. :mask:

Luckily I was able to get the nozzle out and the jam cleared. Unfortunately it was only two prints later that my module has jammed full of filament again. Not sure if it’s a problem with the motor or what, but I’m starting to think this 3d printed module is FUBAR.

Very annoying to have to change a heat element and thermistor because of a QC slip… But they are relatively cheap.

I’m going through the same issues ATM. Just ordered them. 2 pairs were only 10 bucks, but then there was 10 dollars shipping. Arg.

I can verify that it’s a stripped metric. The Allen screw in the replacements works perfectly fine

mine stopped feeding because it got too hot and there was heat creep up the feed tube, making it catch filament. It’s too bad the allen screw was stripped. What could have been a 20 minute repair job has turned into like a month and $20 waiting for shipping.

There is a WONDERFUL video on how to get a stuck printhead out.

It assumes you can’t get the setscrew holding the heating element in out.

I just ordered a new heater, thermometer, and printerhead for $20

When it comes I will go to the local hobby store and get a GOOD setscrew.

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