Nozzle blocked during printing

Hi, I just got my snapmaker 2.0 a few days ago. I have printed several models successfully.
But today filament stopped coming out of the nozzle during printing the first layer,
even when I pressed “load” button on the controller, nothing came out.
So I disassembled the nozzle and cleaned it with a metal wire while blowing by a dryer.
Then I tried again, but the filament stopped again on the fourth layer.
The nozzle was blocked again, loading filament couldn’t fix it.

It almost feels like the nozzle is not hot enough and the filament couldn’t melt properly.
The nozzle temperature was set to 205 degrees the whole time, according to the display, the
the temperature was kept at a stable level no problem.

Has anyone had a similar problem?

Hey, search the forum for clog and take some reading please :wink:

yes…continually happens to me…very annoyed

cold cleaning
cleaning information - sorry that Russian

I am currently having this same problem quite frequently. It seems that as soon as its unclogged it will do one good print but when trying to do a second it will fail. Did you end up finding a fix for it?

Are you using SM filament?
A lot of people are having problems with it.


It is bad as it can be!

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I’m soaking a couple of clogged nozzles in a small jar of ethylene acetate and it appears to be working.