No more Fill + Multi-pass option for laser vector fill in Luban 4.03?

In the previous version of Luban, I was able to process a laser vector image with Fill + Multi-Pass. Now, only On the Line option allows for Multi-Pass. This is a problem, as the multi-pass option did a better job of engraving on tumblers. Why was this option removed? I don’t want to cut the material around the edge. I just want a cleaner engraving.

Not sure why they removed it.
Definitely plenty of reasons to do multiple passes even on an engraving.
You can always use an older version. (Unless you have Rotary version there aren’t really that many reasons to upgrade beyond 3.14)
Any bug fixes or complaints should be registered at GitHub - Snapmaker/Luban: An easy-to-use 3-in-1 software tailor-made for Snapmaker machines.
Since Edwin left SM doesn’t really seem to pay much attention to this forum.


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As I was reading through the forum, I noticed not much activity from Snapmaker. I do have the rotary module…and sorry I upgraded. I wrote down the settings that worked…and now they don’t. I am on the Snapmaker group on FB also. Thanks for the advice! I will try GitHub.

On mac you can have multiple versions installed. (Just have to rename with version numbers)
If you’re on pc, i don’t know.


You can have multiple versions of Luban installed on a PC just make sure they are in different folders as any upgrade over writes the previous installed version.
As in this thread I had the same problem but installed the previous version in a different folder and both work.
Hope this helps


Is this still borken? Anything @Snapmaker-Support ?