No Luban Startup


Yesterday I installed the Luban 4.3.0 and tried to open it. Nothing happend, my PC crashed. Then I unistalled Luban and installed an older version 4.2.3 which I had before. But it tries to start but only showes the screen on the picture attached. I also deleted the %Appdata% / Sanpmaker luban folder. nothing changed.

Could somebody help me?

Best regards,


Update firmware and/or revert to 4.2.3


Thanks. Will test it. But why do I need to update the firmware on the snapmaker?

Old version 4.2.3. doesn’t work.

Other’s have reported that updating firmware fixed the problem. YMMV


I uninstalled luban, cleaned the registry and then installed 4.2.3 again and now it’s working again. Hope somebody could help this in the future.