Luban App + Firmware

Could anyone suggest what version of the Luban App + what Firmware for the Original I need which will work with the app?
My OS for the app is Windows 11.

I didn’t see any specific changes related to the sunsetting of original, you should be good with latest versions of it.
Or do you have issues with a particular set?

I downloaded the latest Luban, and when opened up, the main app window opened, with Luban title in the middle, and that is all it did.

Some screenshots would help a lot…

For my Original I have to use 4.8.2 as 4.9.0 just gives me “The machine is not ready” when trying to connect via USB.
The Luban logo you describe was shown for a while with 4.9.0 before the program loaded.

@razorblade could you describe your issue with 4.9.0 in Luban V4.9.0 Known Issues & Solutions please