No heat from print head then crashes

Got my Snapmaker on the 19th and set it up. Filament was difficult to get loaded an was eventally able to get it loaded. Once loaded I tried a print and the temp does not increase any more. stays around 20C (twenty) after about 20 seconds the control module displays the snapmaker logo and the 3 dots cycle but it never recovers. I have to power cycle it to recover. I tied a different model, usb connection vs usb stick and even trying to get it to load the filament does the same thing. I did find if it tap the module it does work for a while i about about 10% of a benchy print on high quality. Im tempted to open it up and see what is loose.

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hi @sgtwtf

Doug the newbie here. Have you checked that all the cables are clicked in and seated properly?


I have the same problem. Bed heat goes up, print head temp hovers at room temperature, up and down a degree or 2, then crashes and I get the 3 dots.

At first, it happened several hours into a print. Next time, less than an hour into the same print, now it doesn’t even start to print before this happens.

And yes, I unplugged and re-plugged all the cables. I turned it off and back on. The obvious things.

Is this just a call to get a warranty replacement on the print module, or is there something else I can do?

This is very frustrating, as I’ve done a bunch of prints before this with no problems from the printer. Was very satisfied before this happened.

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send an email to

(FYI @Rainie)

Please read About the Reboot Screen (White Screen)

Support responded and i submitted a warranty replacement. Kind of BS i have to pay for shipping but whatever. So far happy i didn’t pay retail price. Not sure im keeping yet…

When it crashes dose the led in the back blink red ? If it dose I would teyvro get a new heater tube for the print head I have has to change mine already at two weeks of having my printer

Exactly the same experience here - i just got my snapmaker last week