Newbie Can't get Started

Hi, I am an absolute Newbie to 3D printing and not experienced in using software. All I have managed to do through Luban is connect the wi-fi to my A350. I want to try the laser - to make the gift box, however, the laser tool head is not detected so I cannot calibrate, the laser tool head does not respond to ‘control’.

I cannot see an existing link to this problem. Grateful for any assistance

Do the obvious first: Check the cable for the head. Make sure it’s in the right socket on the Snapmaker, both ends are in tightly, and you didn’t manage to reverse the cable at the head end (due to a design oversight, this is unfortunately possible, and generally results in Magic Smoke being released from the toolhead).

If that doesn’t help, try one of the other heads—you could have a defective laser head, or a defective cable, and if one of the other heads works, we can be sure that it isn’t the cable.

Thank you very much, I shall certainly take your advice

Hi ElloryJaye,

Reversing the cable has made a big difference in that the tool head is now recognised and, somehow, there is more info under settings - including ‘laser’ which when I choose camera it doesn’t cut the hole in the paper, in fact nothing moves. I had checked all the other cables for fit and the Y & Z ends are at the control box - I don’t know if that makes any difference…

Okay. If you’re not sure that the head moves correctly, you can test it by jogging—manually moving the head using the “Control” panel in Luban or the similar one you can find in the touchscreen menus. (Note that Luban has to be connected to the Snapmaker in order for the panel in Luban to work.)

If that works, you need to proceed with the laser setup by getting it in focus. An overview of the process should be in the Quickstart Guide. If the laser isn’t focused on the surface of your material, it won’t even leave a mark.