Ask Me About Snapmaker Ray Here

As you may know that the Snapmaker Ray now is available at the official store! :tada:

For users who do not know about Ray, you can check it here.

Ask me about Ray here and the questions will be answered.

See Ray’s video here:

Specs for Ray:

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Hi do you have some date for the Rotary Modul from the Ray Video? I placed the order for the Ray Body + 20 Watt Laser and I added also Rotary Modul Artisan / A350T but now after seeing the other Rotary Modul in the video I will for sure cancel it and wait - the new model should work better for engraving larger objects :upside_down_face: Greetings from Germany :v:


I’m curious about the Rotary module as well - But I’d like to know if the 2.0 Harmonic Drive version will be compatible with the Ray, as I own this rotary module already.

I’d also like to know about the enclosure. Will the Ray be secure to the enclosure like the A350 is? Or will it be able to be lifted up/off easily? I will be using it with the enclosure mostly, but may get the odd project requiring a little more height/space.

Any ETA with 4.8.3 will be released of Luban? I’m keen to try out the asset library and have some designs ready to go. I’m hoping it will be an better option for designing for my wife and daughter too.

Hi, a new rotary module is under development. And it will be compatible with the Snapmaker 2.0/Artisan machines. Currently, I cannot tell and guarantee a release date. Like other new products, there will be more info and official pre-launch updates when it’s ready for the market. Thanks!

Additional question. I notice in the latest email there is this photo:

I’m assuming that is a Wifi Antenna? Can you confirm we’ll be able to start and control jobs via Luban?

Hey, we just took a quick unboxing video using an iphone. Take a look at what’s inside the Ray box and get a sneak peek of the packing! Hope you will enjoy watching it. Happy weekend!

Yes, that’s for Wi-Fi. And you can control Ray via Luban. :blush:

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  • Ray will be compatible with the Rotary Module and Air Purifier Module.
  • The enclosure can meet the highest height with 16cm actually, and it’s a bit different from the A350.
  • There is no exact date for Luban 4.8.3 yet, but I will let you know in the community if updated.
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Thanks so much for the information. Can’t wait to get creating!

And for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet:

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Just a friendly heads-up that the Snapmaker Ray for early bird deals is about to wrap up. Feel free to take your time in deciding, but remember that the original price will kick in soon. Check more here: Snapmaker Ray | 20W & 40W Laser Engraver and Cutter

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The compatibility between Lightburn and Snapmaker Ray has been updated with one more info. (see below pic)

See more FAQ detail here: Pre-sale FAQ for Ray 20W/40W Laser Engraver and Cutter – Snapmaker

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