New firmware deleted all my calibration data

After I installed new SM2 A350 firmware, all of my calibration data was replaced.
Please consider preserving the calibration data when updating the SM2 firmware.
I agree that “Extruder Calibration (is) a must”.
Please add an extruder calibration item to the SM2 menu, hopefully it will be as simple as possible.

I agree that is frustrating.

It is a limitation of the memory layout though, the underlying Marlin firmware reinitializes the memory to defaults when the layout changes in a firmware upgrade.

It is possible to save the output of M503 into a macro in Luban before doing the upgrade, and then running the macro after upgrading. This will restore all of your machine settings to how they were. Then M500 to save.


Be careful though, I don’t think the default PID settings are actually reported by M503, this awesome forum member explains it here: Thermal runaway check too aggressive - #5 by brent113

He was indeed right and I had to go digging through the forums to find the stock PID settings which were different than what M503 returned for me.

M301 P13.00 I0.02 D17
Is what M503 said, on the forums I found someone saying that it changed to
M301 P13.00 I0.02 D106.25
Which (looking at that graph) works way better:

(Left is what M503 returned, right is after the new setting)

Certain parameters may change due to a firmware update, such as the PID parameters given in this example. This is goodness and should be noted in the update notes.

The parameters that should be preserved across a firmware update are the parameters that depend on the unique physical characteristics of the printer itself. I think these need to include the bed level and extruder calibration parameters. There may be other parameters that fall into this category.

Since the extruder and the bed level calibrations are both critical to achieve quality prints, a menu calibration procedure should also be provided for the extruder. Please add an extruder calibration item to the SM2 calibration menu (hopefully it will be as simple as possible).

[Since I am presenting two issues, they may need to be split into two topics.]