Calibration Issues After Update

I have two A350s, that I just updated to V1.12 from 1.8. The problem is the same on both printers. Prior to the update, I had no issues calibrating the M92 axis steps. I used M500 to save after editing M92, and verified with M503. After the update, I can still calibrate the steps. However, if I shut the printer off, it resets M92 to the default 400 steps. The only exception, is the extruder. That stays calibrated. I have tried sending the commands via serial, and via OctoPrint. The result is the same. It changes and saves, and then is reset after a power cycle. I have no idea what to do. Has anyone else had this issue? Or am I doing something wrong?

Somebody else has reported this as well - sounds like something was broken in the EEPROM part of the software. Best report this on Snapmaker’s github probably: GitHub - Snapmaker/Snapmaker2-Controller: Snapmaker2-Controller is the firmware for Snapmaker 2.0 3-in-1 3D Printers.

UPDATE: I rolled back to 1.10 and have had no further issues. Something is just buggy with 1.12.


With firmware V1.12, the controller will read the lead value from each linear module, and users are not able to change them.

We are going to release the 20-lead and 8-lead linear modules, which means a unit will have linear modules with different leads.

Could you tell me why do you change axis steps? If the need is urgent, we can add some commands to adjust the axis steps.


I changed the steps because they were not accurate. To accurately print a 20mm cube, I have to change X from 400 to 403.09, Y to 400.53, and Z to 401.74. I do the same to my other printer. The other printer just has different values.

I would certainly say the need is urgent. Changing the steps allows the user the best control over their device. That isn’t something you should take away from them.


I have forwarded this request to our firmware developer, @scotthuang , he will make it possible to modify the axis steps in the next version.

If you do not have the Rotary Module, you can downgrade the firmware to V1.11.4, which allows you to adjust the axis steps with M92.

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Is this issue still unresolved? It looks like there have been updates to the firmware since the gentleman stated it would be fixed in the next update.

Recently purchased an F350, arrived today, assembled, updated to latest firmware (1.13.2).

Working on calibrating, and I was able to save the E step adjusted value, but X,Y, and Z are not saving. Found this thread when searching on the topic.

Would strongly request that this issue be resolved by snapmaker asap, as there is no way to correct X,Y, and Z calibration issues currently.

Side note, I’ve had several printers before, and I’ve never had to hook up my computer to the machine just to update X,Y,Z, E steps. It’s always been accessible through the UI on the printer. I really enjoy the touchscreen UI, but it would be nice to adjust these kinds of settings directly on the machine.