New filament wont load and creates clicking noise


Tell us the filament you are using and all of your settings.



Hi Dough. Thank you for your fast response. I added the answers to my original post.
Merry XMas,


Have you realised that Snapmaker3D is is now redundant. If you are using the latest firmware, try using the latest SnapmakerJS or Cura or Simplify3D as the slicer



I also had clicking noises and no filament coming out during print. The filament was only coming out when I pushed it manually trough the preheated nozzle (“filament replacement cycle”). My stepper motor wasn’t driving the filament into the nozzle anymore. I had this behaviour after my first print of only 4 hours.
After dismantling the printhead and taking a closer look the gear that was supposed driving the filament, I saw that it was just loose and even fell out. I suppose somebody didn’t put the allen screws in the correct position (key groove) , and they slipped after a few hours of printing.
Apparently the gear wasn’t properly fixed onto the stepper motor shaft. I first thought my motor or driving electronics was broken. It was as simple as making making sure the 2 allen bolts where firmly fixed onto the motor shaft, and that 1 of the allen screws was in the key groove of the motor shaft.
To get to the allen bolts I had to dismantle right end with the fan, and the heat sink. Watch out for the bolt heads. They tend to wear out pretty easy.