Need help: Stringing or Oozing

Hi guys,
I have the A150 model and I’m trying to print this test item:

The left result has been made using the “Fast print” setup on Luban and the right one with the “Normal quality”:

Why the normal quality look worse?
I’ve tried to increase the Retract distance from 5mm to 6 and 7 but nothing changed so I restore to 5mm and tried to modify the Retraction speed from 60mm/s to 70mm/s but again nothing changed.

Any idea?

The default retraction setting of 5mm is actually way too high, try reducing it to 1mm or 1.5mm, then increase as necessary. The normal quality might look worse because it has a lower travel speed, and as such doesn’t break strings as well.

Also, what brand of PLA are you using? And have you done a temperature tower for it?

Thanks for response!
I was thought that increasing the retraction distance will reduce the issue… what you wrote, to reduce and set to just 1mm, is confusing me… mmmmmhhh

I’m using a Geeetech PLA+ from Amazon and to be honest not sure if it’s a good one or not.
If you have a good filament present on Amazon Italy I’ll be more than happy to try it :slight_smile:

The issue is that 5mm of retraction is very high for a direct drive printer. You run the risk of pulling molten/softened material too far into the heartbreak and causing it to solidify or clog. You can run through the steps for retraction linked here:Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration ( to test retraction distances and rates in a more controlled format. As for your original question of why the results from “fast” had better stringing results than “normal”, I would still guess that the faster travel speed is able to break strings as they form, reducing them. You could try increasing the travel speed for the normal profile and see if it helps any.

Doing a quick search, it looks like Geeetech should be fine. I would still recommend doing a temp tower for any filament you use. Directions for doing so are in the link above under “temperature tuning”.

Thank you for response!
What it seems strange to be it’s that Snapmaker team should have done lot of tests before choose these settings as default for Luban… I can immagine if that suggest 5mm retraction we can just fine tune this setting to 4.5 or 5.5 not 1mm.
Not yet clear but I’ll do some tests.

I’ll also give it a try with a Temperature Tower on all my filaments :slight_smile:

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